Why should sellers have a presale home inspection?

According to the National Association of Realtors, approximately 25% of buyers make an offer without a home inspection as a contingency. Nowadays buyers opt to waive their home inspection with hopes to increase their chances of having an offer accepted.

It is very unnerving for buyers to go in blind about the condition of the house. The result is that buyers feel so much pressure to buy that they just get overwhelmed. They get nervous and find a way to cancel the contract merely based on the contingency that requires a review of homeowner’s association documents, or they choose to do a home inspection that allows them only to cancel or continue the contract rather than negotiate on repairs. Some buyers get alarmed at several little things that come up on the report and they end up voiding the contract.

Sometimes they do negotiate, but often they end up asking for all those little things in the report to be fixed. The repair requests always come up in “the 11th hour” where the buyer wants all repairs done by licensed professionals of the trade and within a short amount of time (usually 10 days) or they will void the contract; some will ask for a substantial credit to perform the repairs after the deal is done.

Now, as a seller, having your house inspected beforehand, gives you the knowledge of your home’s condition; and knowledge is power when negotiating the sale of your home. A presale home inspection lets you know any deficiencies found and problems caused by a lack of maintenance that may need to be addressed (we all have busy lives) to prepare your home to sell.

After your presale home inspection, you have the ability to schedule any repairs to be done at your time, negotiate for a better price on repairs and, take care of those little things that always come up in the inspection reports. Regardless of the deficiencies, as little as downspouts needing to be extended away from the foundation or as big as a roof replacement; the cost of those repairs could be added into the sale of the house.

Buyers want peace of mind, move-in ready homes and that’s what you are giving them by having a presale inspection along with a list of all repairs done to the house. With that, you build trust; empower the buyer with confidence that they made the right decision buying your home. It is a win-win for both sides.

At Dash Home Inspection we offer a complete home inspection to the highest level. Interactive reports that can be shared via a link or QR code; a room-by-room interactive virtual tour of every room that helps the buyers visualize themselves in the home; or you could opt to have a presale consultation, where we walk the property together and discuss the deficiencies found; it is a more cost-friendly option.

Be smart, be in the know, and get it sold!