Walk & Talk

What’s A Walk & Talk Consultation?

This specialty service is designed to allow you to walk and talk with a professional home inspector consultant while viewing the property you’re hoping to purchase or sell.  It’s a great choice for home buyers and sellers that want an overview of the properties general condition.

Why Home Buyers Love It

You and your consultant will be together as you walk the property so you’ll be able to take notes and ask questions as you go. You’ll know quite a bit about the condition of the property before making your offer.  Only after your offer has been accepted are you able to have the home inspected thoroughly. With a Walk and Talk Consultation you won’t get a written report but you will get the expert knowledge that your consultant has to offer. This will help you count the costs in advance.

When you don’t have the time needed for an extensive inspection this service allows you to have a good idea about any major problems you may be facing with the property, without having to wait until after the offer has been accepted.  This is a helpful service for buyers interested in a property that may have the potential for multiple offers.  Oftentimes in a “seller’s market,” it’s important that the buyer be as prepared as possible to move forward on the home purchase process.

Why Home Sellers Value It

A pre-listing walk and talk consultation can save you both time and money.  If you’re a homeowner that’s ready to sell your property, be sure you know what to expect before you contact your favorite Real Estate Agent.  With this unique service, you’ll have an expert by your side as you prepare for the sale of your home by pointing out any serious deficiencies in the systems or structure of the home.  Buyers and sellers alike will be thrilled when there are no surprise repairs!  

How Much Does It Cost

The cost is much lower than a whole house inspection, about half the price actually.  In any event, a Walk and Talk Consultation is not meant to replace a whole house inspection. 

During a whole house inspection, the inspector will inspect every aspect of the property and provide a thorough report that includes pictures of the findings.  

Enjoy knowing that you’ve made a good decision when moving forward with an offer to purchase or when preparing your home to sell.  Schedule your Walk and Talk Consultation today.