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Why is a home inspection important?

Real estate experts agree – a home inspection isn’t just important, it’s essential. A professional home inspection can give you the confidence the price is right for your dream home. A buyer’s inspection is also the best insurance against making the most expensive mistake of your life.

As a home buyer, you have the option to pay for an inspection after your bid is accepted and before closing. If you buy a home without a professional home inspection, you are taking a huge gamble on the biggest investment you will ever make. You will have no idea as to the true condition of the house. An inspection is your only real protection against unexpected and expensive problems before you buy a home. A new roof alone could cost $10,000.

A professional home inspection is your best insurance against discovering your dream home is really a money pit. A thorough inspection will give you the best information available about the true value of the home. You will know what it is actually worth and what expenses you may face down the road. It’s really a no-brainer. Paying a small fee now is your best guarantee against shelling out a fortune later. And the better the inspection, the better your protection against getting burned.

It can be easy to fall in love with a home at first sight, whether it’s the spacious kitchen, the high ceilings, or a certain charm in its appearance. The buyer can skip the inspection to entice the seller to accept a bid, but that strategy can easily backfire. Having a professional inspection gives the buyer a huge bargaining advantage. If the home has problems, you can renegotiate the price or ask the seller to make repairs.

An inspection can also tell you when it’s best just to walk away. According to the National Association of Realtors, 14% of home sales are killed because of a negative home inspection report. That’s why a buyer should get a home inspection after an offer is accepted but before closing. It gives you the bargaining power to renegotiate and lower the price. It’s also your last chance to back out of a bad deal.

If you don’t get a professional home inspection, you simply don’t know what you are buying. A top-quality home inspector is an impartial expert who will provide an honest and informed evaluation you can trust. You can close a deal with confidence when you have expert information at your fingertips.

An inspection is also an essential tactic if you are selling a home. A pre-listing inspection puts you in a significantly better negotiating position by knowing your home’s actual value. You can be confident your asking price is a good one. A pre-listing inspection is also the best insurance against having a sale ruined if a buyer’s inspection reveals expensive problems. It also gives you time to make repairs before putting the home on the market. A pre-listing inspection is a road map to increasing your home’s worth to its maximum value.

A top-notch professional inspection does more than reveal whether a home has a solid structure and working plumbing, HVAC, and wiring. It can help keep your family safe and avoid serious dangers. A thorough home inspection can detect the buildup of carbon monoxide, mold, and radon.

A professional inspection provides an instant education in your new home. It will help you budget for whatever repairs your home may require. You will learn whether a problem will require an expensive repair or only a quick fix. And you will get an idea of the cost of regular maintenance for your home. An inspection can also provide practical information, such as the location of shutoff valves. You can accompany the inspector on the walk-through of the home and ask any questions. It is the best way to find out as much as possible about your new home. And you will get expert feedback right on the spot.

Home inspections usually last two to three hours. Inspectors can vary widely in expertise and experience. To get the most comprehensive and best quality inspection, hire the most experienced and highly trained inspectors. Don’t rely on your real estate agent to suggest a home inspection company. An agent might provide a list of inspectors but you should make the decision yourself. Ask friends and neighbors for recommendations. Learn from their experiences. And go online to see who offers the most expert and experienced home inspection service in your area.